DomoSens: Results Presentation and assessment

domosens design prodotto finale
The end of the Domosens Alternating school and job project, or progetto alternanza scuola-lavoro is an opportunity for assessing its results and put them in the service of the school system and the ecosystem of local communities innovation.

Sala inCooperazione, Federazione Trentina della Cooperazione

Via Giovanni Segantini, 10, 38122 Trento


09:30 am — 12:30 pm

Presentation of the results of the DomoSens Alternating School and Job Project and discussion with experts and institutional representatives. An intese experience of teamwork and training for students, a challenging chance for practicing “cross fertilization” between research and school system, a collaboration model that opens interesting prospects for synergy and experimentation for open innovation and school, looking to the future with confidence.

The DomoSens project simulated a business production process that in the 2016-17 school year produced a sensor for monitoring home air quality. This sensor combines the ability to detect gas with a professional design that makes it a potentially multifunctional item of furniture.

This project involved a community of 200 students who actively participated in all the operational phases, who acted as protagonists and managers of each of the work phases, assisted by their teachers and by the FBK working group.

The end of this experience is an opportunity to explore the challenges faced, present findings and exchange views with first-class experts in innovation and design, in the presence of important institutional interlocutors ready to study the model and evaluate whether it can be replicated and applied on a larger scale.


9.30 am Opening of the exhibit entitled “Gas sensor models”

10.00 am PART ONE
DomoSens, An open innovation lab

Pierluigi Bellutti, FBK, project scientific coordinator

10.10 am “Innovation: a way to the future (of young people but not only)”
Roberto Della Marina, manager at Venture Capital di Friuli-Veneto Sviluppo SGR SpA, FBK Board member

10.25 am “MEMS, an opportunity for jobs and quality of life”
Bruno Murari, Scientific Advisor for STMicroelectronics

10.40 am Main stages and mid-term results:
Coordinator: Micaela Vettori, editorial project manager

o   Legal aspects: Liceo Classico Prati of Trento

o   Market analysis, Intellectual property and Business Plan: IT E Tambosi Trento

o   Product design: Liceo Artistico Vittoria Trento

o   Brand logo: Liceo Artistico Depero Rovereto

o   Gas-sensitive paste: Liceo Buonarroti Trento

o   Signal management and rapid prototyping: ITI Marconi Rovereto

o   User manual: Liceo Curie Pergine

11.40 am Innovation and Design
Michela Baldessarri, Board member of ADI-Associazione Design Industriale- Veneto e Trentino Alto Adige

12.00 – 12.30 pm SECOND PART
ROUND TABLE entitled “Learning DomoSens”

Emerging considerations for the local school system


o   Sara Ferrari, Province Government Board Member for Research

o   Pierluigi Bellutti, FBK, prohect scientific manager

o   Filippo Manfredi, Fondazione Caritro director

o   Andrea Simoni, FBK Secretary General

o   Oscar Pasquali, MIUR

Moderator: Giancarlo Sciascia, FBK (Digital Communication & Big Events)



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