Pint of Science – Ebola in West Africa: epidemiology and control strategies

Pint of Science brings some of the most brilliant researchers to the bar to discuss their latest research and findings directly with citizens. The festival will take place on May 15-16-17, 2017 in Italy, to tell, while sipping a good beer, what's new on research to anyone interested in it.

L’Angolo dei 33

Via SS. Cosma e Damiano 66, Trento

Stefano Merler, mathematical epidemiologist at Fondazione Bruno Kessler, will be waiting for you on 5/16 at Angolo 33 to talk about the recent epidemic of Ebola in West Africa. Epidemiological investigation techniques are combined with mathematical modeling to evaluate the effectiveness of restriction strategies based on the rVSV-ZEBOV vaccine. The researcher will provide quantitative estimates of the main transmissibility characteristics of Ebola and will show how the use of ring vaccination strategies – reactive immunization of Ebola case contacts and contact contacts – can allow the containment of future epidemics.



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