“5G and cloud security awareness days” Workshop

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Domenico Siracusa from FBK's Center for Cyber Security participates in this important workshop that aims to present and discuss the findings of the national scientific community and their contribution to the security of 5G networks and the Cloud.

Roma, Centro Congressi Cavour

Via Cavour 50, Roma

The workshop “5G and cloud security awareness days” is organised by National Inter-University Consortium for Telecommunications and Fondazione SERICS within the framework of the SERICS Partnership’s PNRR Projects (https://serics.eu/) 5Gsec, SECCo and ARTIC.

The event will take place over two days: one focused to 5G security (Ensuring End-to-End Security in 5G – Assessment, Evaluation, and Mitigation) and the other dedicated to the security of cloud systems (Cloud security: challenges, opportunities and the role of the Italian research community).

20th June 2024 – Cloud Security Awareness Day
9:00 | Registration

9:15 | Welcome – Alessandro Armando

9:30 | Security of Micro-services Applications
| Building Secure Cloud Applications: DevSecOps Strategies for Containers – Luca Verderame
| Sviluppo sicuro di Applicazioni a microservizi in Cloud: un Modello di ciclo di vita basato su Security Service Level Agreement – Massimiliano Rak

10:20 | Formal verification and Testing
| DBCChecker: Formally Verifying Security Properties of Containers Compositions – Marino Miculan| ARTIC framework: a cloud-native solution for cybersecurity training and testing – Enrico Russo

11:15 | Coffee break

11:45 | Security of Cloud-to-edge and 5G virtualized core networks
| Zero-Trust Security in Cloud-to-Edge Environments – Domenico Siracusa
| Security assurance in 5G virtualized core networks: standardization status and challenges – Francesco Mancini
| Security aspects in Cloud-IoT integration – Giovanni Merlino

13:00 | Discussion and Conclusion
13:30 | Lunch
14:30 | SERICS Spoke 4 Project Meetings
| SecCo Project Meeting
| ARTIC Project Meeting

Privacy Notice
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