Educa: Toward a new school

Considerations on the new school prompted by the introduction of digital technology will be presented in two events at Educa coordinated by FBK President Francesco Profumo: the first one on the outcomes of the #scuoladigitaletrentina program, the second with a multi-voice reflection that, starting from Trentino, spreads to the entire national system.

Palazzo dell’Istruzione – Rovereto

Corso Bettini, 84, 38068 Rovereto


9.30 am – 10.45 am
Coordinator: Francesco Profumo, FBK President
Experiences from the Trentino school system, Elisabetta Nanni, Sara Tonelli

The meeting is the closing stage of a shared exchange program of a number of local communities, enhanced by the semantic analysis on ongoing projects aimed at the definition of the Plan for the digital school: ad advisory document for the new launch of a school innovation comprehensive strategy, where skills and technology complement each other thus turning into  a system driver for innovation and change.


11.00 am – 1.00 pm
Coordinator: Francesco Profumo, FBK President
Soeakers: Giovanni Biondi, Sabrina Bono, Maria Rosa Bottino, Mario Giacomo Dutto, Salvatore Giuliano

Which school will come from digital technology? It is right to speak of a tool revolution or should we think a new pedagogy, supported by new spaces and based on skills required by the jobs of the future? What skills will need to be to acquired and which challenges will need to be faced not only by teachers, principals and families, but by the entire school system?
The round table will discuss the outcomes emerged from the Trentino School process toward digital technology by collecting a multi-voicereflection that extends from Trentino to the entire national system.




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