Writing about history

Michela Ponzani (Rai Storia) discusses with Fernanda Alfieri (University of Bologna) and Claudio Ferlan (FBK-ISIG)

The books by Fernanda Alfieri (Veronica e il diavolo, Einaudi 2021) and Claudio Ferlan (Venerdì pesce. Digiuno e cristianesimo, il Mulino 2021) are the result of research prompted by curiosity and questions often shared in the many opportunities for discussion the authors had at Fondazione Bruno Kesler’s Italian-German Historical Institute.

What is the path that leads to writing a history book? How can you share the results of your research with a lay public that shows time and again its interest in past events? How can private and emotional aspects of the lives we study make it into the narrative?

The speakers will be talking about it in live streaming on the FBK and ISIG Facebook pages and on the FBK youtube channelwith Michela Ponzani, historian, TV host of   cultural programs for Rai Storia and author, among others, of Guerra alle donne .Partigiane, vittime di stupro, «amanti del nemico» (1940-45) (Einaudi 2012, republished in 2021).




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