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Re-thinking the economy of digital platforms in social innovation with Maurizio Teli

EIT Digital, Trento

Via Sommarive 18, Povo

The platform economy is fostering rapid changes in economic, social, and political life, from political campaigning to new forms of currencies. Doing so, digital platforms interact with existing institutions in different ways, relying on some – e.g. the financial market – and weakening others – e.g. labour protection laws, and the innovation they bring includes transforming institutions themselves.

In this panorama, Commonfare.net provides a platform for everyone to share experiences, foster ventures, and connect with people who want to support each other. It is not a social network. Rather, commonfare.net is a platform for social innovation intended for developing relationships among people through mutual help.

In this EIT Digital Innovation Talk, Maurizio Teli, Commonfare’s Research & Innovation coordinator, will present the platform and will focus on the economic aspects, including CommonCoin, the digital currency of Commonfare.net, that the project team is designing and developing.

About the speaker:

Maurizio Teli is currently Assistant Professor at the Madeira Interactive Technologies Institute, Portugal, and will soon become Associate Professor of Techno-Anthropology at the Aalborg University, Denmark. He holds a PhD in Sociology and Social Research and has always worked in interdisciplinary contexts focusing on the political dimensions of the production and use of digital technologies. He has worked in or coordinated a few EU funded projects. He is now focusing on the design of politically-engaged digital technologies, in particular as Research and Innovation Coordinator of the PIE News H2020 project.


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