Augmented Intelligence

Augmented Intelligence


The Augmented Intelligence Center aims to combine the strengths of human intelligence and artificial intelligence so as to increase their potential. Its highly innovative research leverages FBK's established expertise in AI, and emphasizes interaction and collaboration between humans and machines from a human-centered perspective.


Augmented Intelligence, in fact, leverages artificial intelligence to enhance and improve human decision making, problem solving, and complex task execution through cooperative autonomous systems that amplify and extend human capabilities. The Center's research includes foundational models for AI, the complexity of the interaction between person and AI, new forms of cooperative AI, and issues related to the ethical and sustainable use of AI. Augmented Intelligence will play a key role in advancing application areas critical to our lives, including health care and wellbeing, digital industry and manufacturing, education, the public sector, and digital society in general.

The Augmented Intelligence Center is made up of the following research units:



Andrea Simoni (Direttore ad interim)