EAT CIRCULAR- Save it for Good! Webinar Series

13 WEBINARS (45 minutes + 15 minutes Q&A) from September 15 to October 29, about Recycling, Circular economy and Food Waste Valorization.

FBK virtual event

Via Sommarive, Povo

EAT Circular project offers a series of series of seminars focusing on ways to reduce our “food print” and, that is, the amount of waste we generate in the agri-food chain, with particular reference to the food service sector.

Topics covered include good practices, methods and techniques to measure and contain waste, experiences in recovery surpluses, policy documents and green procurement.

Webinars are conducted by industry experts from industry, academy and non-profit sector. Each webinar is self-contained; it is therefore possible to participate in one or more interventions. During the events you will have the opportunity to interact with the speakers.

The webinars will be held in Italian, in video streaming. The first edition of the webinars (all webinars in September and October 2020) is free to attend.

Full Program here!
Module 1: Sustainability and circular economy for food systems.
Circular economy in the food sector: challenges, tools, and approaches. Becoming more circular in the food services sector.

Moderator: Milena Bigatto;
Adolfo Villafiorita,
Lisa Rizzetto


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