TREC, the Citizen’s Medical Records, has reached 80,000 users

28/11/2017 TreC (or 3C) is the acronym of Cartella Clinica del Cittadino, the citizen's medical records, a research and innovation project of the Autonomous Province of Trento for the Provincial Healthcare System developed by FBK.

TreC is used today by almost 80,000 users and almost 200,000 use FastTreC. People who use it to make payments, change their primary care physician, make appointments online are on the rise. The TreC project aims to provide citizens residing in the Province of Trento with an online services platform to access, consult, share and update their medical records by using an internet portal.

TreC can be used as Electronic Health Records, as a Health Diary supporting new forms of communication with doctors and health institutions for remote monitoring, and as a new platform of intelligent mobile Apps that will allow citizens to keep track of personal notes collected on a day-to-day basis about their state of health (e.g. food, exercise, symptoms, etc.), and that concern the field of prevention or remote management of chronic patients (a number of pilot studies are being conducted to study the acceptability and usability of mobile Apps in the remote management of children, adult and pregnant woment with type I diabetes, of cancer patients on home oral therapy 2, of patients on home peritoneal dialysis 3, of overweight/obese children and the home diagnosis of patients with hypertension.