The first products from the Janus project are making it to the market

06/07/2021 Social distancing and workplace safety: these are the main applications for businesses and communities that the Janus “two-faced” system, created in the laboratories of the Fondazione Bruno Kessler and the University of Trento, provides.

Janus is a next generation system that allows users to monitor in real time, with great accuracy and with low power usage, the distance between devices worn by people or placed on moving machinery or other potentially hazardous objects.

This makes it possible to monitor social distancing but also to increase safety at work, reducing risks for people.

Among the first applications is the efficient automated monitoring system for distancing, the containment measure mandated by the pandemic.

When worn, the small device emits vibrations, sounds or lights in the event of risks or violations and transmits information to the wearer and, anonymously, to a control platform.

It has already been marketed by the Reply SpA group. Two multinationals in the food and beverage industry are among the first customers.

Increased safety for staff, higher precision in warehouse operations, higher speed, no errors.

From Trentino, a big small revolution originated from the laboratories of the Fondazione Bruno Kessler and the Department of Engineering and Information Science of the University of Trento is making it to the market.