The STARDUST European Project

12/12/2017 Trento among the smart and sustainable European cities

The STARDUST European project was launched in October 2016, with Trento as a beacon city, together with Tampere in Finland and Pamplona in Spain, among the smart and sustainable European cities. An important European project within the Horizon 2020 program, STARDUST has a duration of 5 years, will bring about 6 million euros to the Trentino area and will involve a team of partners that, in addition to FBK, includes the City of Trento, Eurac Research of Bolzano, Itea Spa, Dolomiti Energia, Trentino Mobilità, Dedagroup and Habitech.

FBK participates in the STARDUST project as a partner of the pilot that will take place in Trento, and which includes major energy redevelopment projects for the Madonna Bianca neighborhood and electric mobility (FBK participates in these actions through its CMM’s ARES Team). The plans include providing Trento with a more efficient IT infrastructure for Smart Cities, which includes a sensor network deployed throughout the city, an advanced platform for data analysis and visualization and tools for communicating with citizens to better use this infrastructure (FBK participates in these actions through its ICT Community Smart Laboratory).

FBK is also responsible for coordinating the IT activities of the entire STARDUST project, an important recognition of the role acquired in the use of IT technologies for Smart Cities.