OnePlace – online platform as part of the BOOSTEE-CE project, FBK coordinator

20/05/2020 ONEPLACE: the new online platform to improve energy efficiency of our cities

Funded by the Interreg Central Europe programthe project focused on creating a useful tool to improve the energy efficiency of public buildings in Central Europe. A technological platform has been created to gather in a single virtual place of reference (OnePlace), good practices, a database of industry experts, financial instruments and a 3D map for displaying the Energy Efficiency (EE) of the buildings inside of individual cities. The results of the project allow administrators to easily view the energy information of buildings, so as to plan new investments to reduce emissions and consumption. “Our research experience in the field of 3D reconstructions – explains Fabio Remondino, FBK researcher and head of the 3DOM unit – allowed us to find an innovative solution to make consumption data or energy performance of buildings visually accessible within a specific territory. 

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