FBK CLEANROOM: from micro- to nano-technologies

06/07/2021 Thanks to newly purchased equipment, we are moving from micro-fabrication to nano-fabrication of devices, for innovative applications in companies and in the space industry.

It is the beating heart of the facility where the FBK sensors used in large physics experiments, or for cutting-edge industrial applications, are made.

The laboratory at Fondazione Bruno Kessler called Clean room – as fabrication requires an environment with cleaning standards similar to those of an operating room – has never stopped even in the year of the pandemic and has actually been renovated with equipment and machinery unique in the world.

Completed thanks to recent ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) funding, these innovations will allow for a qualitative leap, from micro-fabrication to nano-fabrication, and thus for entering the field of devices with the size of one billionth of a meter.

In this way, the current facility that covered already the entire process from the design to the fabrication of innovative sensors for research and high-tech companies, can also become a nanotechnology laboratory, and launch FBK and Trentino as a point ofreference for excellence in the industry.

Countless developments are expected in the fields of research and applications thanks to the ability to create nanometric structures.

In fact, a new world is opening up: the world of quantum technologies at which Europe is looking and for which FBK will be ready to contribute together with the other local research players.