Multidisciplinary collaboration in pediatric oncology

Conference of the "FBK per la Salute" (FBK for Health) program, co-organized by Ospedale Bambin Gesù (Rome) and the Centro di Protonterapia (Trento).

Event schedule

Palazzo Trentini, Via Giannantonio Manci, 27, Trento
16:00 — 18:00
Registration by 5th May 2017.

Palazzo Trentini

Via Giannantonio Manci, 27, Trento

Centro di Protonterapia, Via al Desert, 14
09:00 — 13:00

Centro di Protonterapia

Via al Desert, 14


The first day of the event will see the discussion on the collaboration between Trento and Rome a and on Assistance Communities ( 05/15/2017 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm, SALA AURORA – PALAZZO TRENTINI, Via Manci 27, Trento).

The second day session will hold the talks of several speakers on the topic “THE MULTIDISCIPLINARY EPRIENCE IN THE TREATMENT OF PEDIATRIC CANCER: THE NEURO-ONCOLOGY CASE” (05/16/2017 9:00 am – 1:00 pm, CENTRO DI PROTONTERAPIA, Via al Desert 14, Trento).


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