ISIG | Seminar “Between history and archiving systems: the public use of archives”

Organized on the occasion of the end of the research project entitled "Grenzakten: papers and documents concerning the borders of the Empire"

Event schedule

Aula Piccola – FBK-Trento, FBK-Trento
14:30 — 18:30

Aula Piccola – FBK-Trento


Organized by Katia Occhi and Cecilia Nubola, the seminar will present the activities involving the study and computerized filing activities of some archival material kept in the state archive of Trento and in the Manuscript section of the Municipal Library conducted by the Italian-German Historical Institute from 2011 to 2017. During the second part of the event a round table will be held dedicated to “Virtual archives and history of the local area: historians and archivists meet”.

Seminar funded by Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Trento e Rovereto

Christoph Cornelißen (Italian-German Historical Institute | FBK – University of Frankfurt)
Franco Cagol (City of Trento Historical Archive)
Stefania Franzoi (Trento Provincial Archive)
Andrea Giorgi (University of Trento)
Silvano Groff (Manuscript Section of the Trento Public Library)
Rossella Ioppi (University of Trento, PhD student)
Cecilia Nubola (Italian-German Historical Institute | FBK)
Katia Occhi (Italian-German Historical Institute | FBK)
Katia Pizzini (Diocese of Trento Archive)
Marco Stenico (collaborator Italian-German Historical Institute | FBK)