International Conference “Arguing Religion”

In cooperation with the research project “Tiefe Meinungsverschiedenheiten / Deep Disagreements”, coordinated by the Humboldt University Berlin and the University of Freiburg, the Center for Religious Studies (FBK-ISR) will host the international conference “Arguing Religion: Disagreement, Recognition, and the Reach of Argumentative Debate”.

Event schedule

06/06 — 08/06
Aula Grande, FBK Sede, FBK-Trento
06/06/2017 — 08/06/2017

Aula Grande, FBK Sede


The meeting is part of the research activities of the project, that was launched this year,  titled “Arguing religion” (the scientific coordinators are FBK-ISR researchers Boris Rähme and Paolo Costa).

The participation of renown researchers in the fields of philosophy of religion, of religious studies and of philosophy of law, coming from Finland, Sweden, England, Germany, United States, Canada, Austria and Italy has been confirmed.

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