EDUCA 2017: we <3 education

Organizing EDUCA means, for all those who take part in it, to publicly take an ongoing commitment so that the growing social demand for a "good education" does not get back temporary solutions and impromptu actions. FBK is an official partner with many initiatives dedicated to school at the next education festival in Rovereto (April, 7th to 9th)

Event schedule

07/04 — 09/04
Educa 2017 – Rovereto, Corso Bettini, Rovereto
07/04/2017 — 09/04/2017

Educa 2017 – Rovereto

Corso Bettini, Rovereto

Every year the festival of education is a call to meet and share questions, experiences and reflections. The event is an opportunity for questioning clichés and stereotypes around education. It is also an opportunity to spread the essence of education: a daily  exciting and creative adventure that rejects the ingenuousness but not spontaneity and capacity of questioning themselves.

EDUCA is an event based on the awareness that education is a “big deal” that requires rigorous approaches and shuns any hasty improvisation or reassuring habit, but since it involves everybody, it should be treated with tones and accessible ways.


Below are the activities designed and led by FBK researchers for Schools:


CIBOPOLI. Choose your plate well

when: 11 am -11.45 am | 2.30 pm -3.15 pm; 3.30 pm -4.15 pm| where: Hall 8 Palazzo Istruzioni

With the ICT4G group

Children aged 6-11

About one-third of greenhouse gas emissions are due to activities related to cultivating, breeding, fishing and hunting the food we eat. Eating habits and food wastage are important bot only for our health, but also for that of the world in which we live. The workshop proposes some issues related to wastage and nutrition, and connects them to the impact that these have on the environment around us. Through a “food monopoly”, children have the opportunity to apply what they have learned by building a healthy diet, donating excess food and helping to reduce our “footprint” on the planet.

Maximum number of participants: 25

CODE TIME. The event is suited for all ages

When: 9.30 am -10.30 am | 10.45 am -11.45 am | 2.30 pm – 3.30 pm | 3.30 pm – 4.30 pm| Where: Computer Lab Palazzo Istruzione

With the ICT4G group

Children aged 6-11

Every student in every school should have the opportunity to learn how to program.  And with Code Time they can do it having fun by building animations and solving simple problems. The initiative, originated in the United States, allows adults and children with no previous experience to approach programming concepts (sequence, iteration, selection…). In addition to arousing interest in one of the professions that will be among the most popular in coming years, the workshop offers a fascinating and rigorous way of thinking.

Maximum number of participants: 25


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