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Round table on commonfare in Trentino

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With the round table #CommonFareTrentino, we wish to start a process that will establish a virtuous circle between the feelings, ideas and plans that emerge from the Trentino region in the interaction with the ideas and perspectives of development of Commonfare proposed by the PIE News project.

Some local players in Trentino are starting to think about new grassroots approaches to the management of the common good as an innovative way to address the issues of interest for the social, economic and cultural development of the community. Whether it’s project design or simple ideas in progress, the shared vision is to pool some key resources (space, technology, knowledge, ideas…) to structure in a different way – closer to people’s needs and whenever possible integrated in an open management supply chain – the creation and management of some services to the community.

At the same time, the term commonfare was introduced on wikipedia.it as “welfare of the common good”, pointing out the possibility of redemption from the state of life and job insecurity through new models of social cooperation, cognitive exchange and the common welfare.

Inspired by Commonfare, the European project is developing the PIE News Commonfare.net technology platform for the exchange of information of interest to anyone who is in a state of financial/job insecurity and thus in a difficult situation. The selected approach includes the development and adoption of a digital currency and a module that enables an exchange economy in Europe, but starting from individual agreements at the local level.


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