Automotive Innovation Day

The "Automotive Innovation Day" event will be held at the Povo-based Trentino Scientific Hub on June 22, starting at 9:45 am

Event schedule

Sala “Luigi Stringa” – FBK, Via Sommarive, 18, Povo

Sala “Luigi Stringa” – FBK

Via Sommarive, 18, Povo

It will be an important meeting, organized in collaboration with Trentino Sviluppo, which will connect some of the major companies active in the automotive industry with the technologies of the Trentino research system, which HIT represents in the transfer of specific know-how.

In the Luigi Stringa Hall, at 9.45 am, after the greetings and the introduction, representatives of the R&D divisions of Centro Ricerche Fiat (CRF), Fiamm, Landi Renzo, Pirelli will offer an overview and cases of excellence in the application of innovative research in the automotive field already registered and in the process of being implemented in the relevant sectors, while indicating a line for future development areas.
The link to the Eventbrite registration website will be sent shortly.