Agri Risk Management 2018 Festival

FBK supports the event organized by CO.DI.PRA

Event schedule

05/04 — 07/04
Madonna di Campiglio (TN), Madonna di Campiglio
05/04/2018 — 07/04/2018

Madonna di Campiglio (TN)

Madonna di Campiglio

The speakers of the conference on April 5 – CLIMA e AGRICOLTURA 4.0 – will include Cesare Furlanello, head of FBK’s MPBA Unit.

The 2017 edition of WebValley, the Foundation’s Data Science School, was devoted to agriculture. “WebValley 2017,” explained Cesare Furlanello (FBK), “has led a young team to a full-immersion into the digital agriculture domain. Digital technologies are transforming this very important economic sector, where investment in innovation is growing up to 70% per year. As always, the last hours of WebValley were intense, and once again the kids got us excited with their curiosity, their commitment, and the freshness of their ideas. We hope that the WebValley 2017 project, which we identify with the name “FreshAI.Net”, will make its way or, even better, take off like a drone. In the meantime, we have aroused great interest in the Trentino agricultural business and this means that we have hit the mark by showing our students how to imagine frontier research that is very close to social and market needs. ”

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