Conferences on e-voting

voto elettronico
The University of Trento offers a series of meetings on Electronic Voting.

UniTN – Dipartimento di Giurisprudenza

Via Giuseppe Verdi, 53

Organized as part of the activities dedicated to the Third Mission, the initiative aims to raise awareness among the student community and citizenship with respect to the use of forms of voting
technology. Thanks to the dialogue of scholars and scholars from different fields of knowledge, the meetings on electronic voting aim to prepare voters and voters for the challenges that await the
modernity, especially in view of the appointments of 2024, already dubbed “the election year.”

Secondo incontro. Giovedì 29 Febbraio 2024, Aula 5, ore 17. Quali sono le forme di voto conformi a Costituzione?

I sistemi di voto alternativi e non tecnologici – Alessandro De Nicola
Le alternative tecnologiche per il voto – Alessandra Mazzola
Tavola rotonda – Il bilancio: il confronto tra le alternative
Modera: Damiano Florenzano. Ne discute con: Angelo Jr. Golia, Barbara Marchetti, Marta Tomasi


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