Corporate Relationship Office

The Corporate Relationship Office (CRO) is the organizational arm that deals with the structured management of relations with companies, particularly those that can ensure a good economic returns. This activity entails pursuing the generation of stable and lasting partnership relationships, with a view to fully enhancing the role of FBK research.
In the exercise of its functions, the CRO carries out the following activities:

  • It takes charge of receiving, examining, and directing the proposals and requests that companies make, without discriminating in any way or exerting a market-distorting role, making
    sure that companies receive the required answers where FBK’s expertise and resources are able to meet the demands;
  • Identifies market targets that may be particularly in line with FBK’s expertise and fosters partnerships with these parties;
  • Sees to the relationship with the company throughout the partnership, respecting the autonomy of the researchers and with the aim of extending, both in terms of type of collaborations and duration, the partnership itself;
  • Identifies, manages and promotes the adoption, in collaboration with the relevant arms of the Foundation, of all tools that can foster better collaboration between FBK and companies, such as, but not limited to: IT applications, communication tools, special contractual schemes;
  • Promotes and develops a culture of collaboration between companies and researchers, carrying out, where necessary, dedicated projects to achieve this purpose.

Chief Corporate Relationship Officer
phone: 0461 – 314958
mobile: 335 – 6369039
e-mail: [email protected]

    Market Partnership Specialist
    Contact: Sonia Bernabè
  • Alberto P.
    Market Partnership Specialist
    Contact: Alberto Purinan
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