Diversity & Inclusion in FBK

The Human Resources Service’s Diversity and Inclusion working group deals with issues related to diversity and equal opportunities in the workplace and has developed a plan aimed at promoting a proactive strategy for overcoming any obstacles that would prevent people’s full employment inclusion. Download the brochure D&I to know more.

Gender equality plan (GEP)

The Foundation’s Board of Directors has unanimously approved the 2022-2024 Gender Equality Plan (GEP).
The document, in addition to meeting the new eligibility requirement dictated by the European funding programs, covers a series of actions that the Foundation will implement in the next three years for the promotion of full gender equality in the areas of recruitment, career development, decision-making bodies, institutional culture and fight against violence.

Equal Opportunities Charter

FBK has signed the EU Diversity Charter: a voluntary declaration of intent for the implementation of an organizational culture and inclusive policies and for the enhancement of talents in all their diversity.

The document sets objectives that recall those advanced by the D&I group and endorsed by the Board of Directors during its meeting in December 2021, such as: defining and implementing equal opportunities policies starting from the top, overcoming gender stereotypes, raising awareness and training all organization levels, monitoring the trend and assessing the impact of practices, providing helpful tools to promote work-family balance.