The European 5G Conference 2020

Roberto Riggio - Head of Smart Networks and Services (SENSE) Unit at FBK and 5G-CARMEN Project Coordinator - speaker at the Conference as Project Coordinator of 5G CARMEN Project



The 2020 edition of The European 5G Conference will take place in Brussels, Belgium on 29 & 30 January. Now in its 4th year, the European 5G Conference has an established reputation as Brussels’ leading meeting place for discussion on 5G policy.

5G is here
All around the world, commercial deployment has begun. As we move from planning and preparation to deployment and launch, this year’s conference will look at early experiences that are being seen, and the challenges and opportunities that are ahead. How can Member States and Industry work together with the new Commission to deliver on the 5G vision?

Key Themes
Discussions of where we are at & early experiences with 5G
Looking at how Europe is working together to fully deliver the 5G vision
Insights into the role of vertical markets in shaping the emerging 5G ecosystem
Case studies regarding delivering a common EU approach to assessing and tackling the cybersecurity challenges of 5G
To what extent can 5G help to tackle connectivity ‘not spots’? Ensuring that 5G helps to narrow rather than widen the digital divide
Reflections on the outcomes of WRC-19 and looking forward to WRC-23
Discussions regarding the ideal spectrum portfolio for 5G
How Europe are developing a 5G-ready framework for EMF limits
Finally, preparing for life beyond 5G







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