Internet of Health Things

A Digital Wellbeing Networking Event held in Trento @EIT Digital

EIT Digital – Trento Co-Location Centre

Via Sommarive 18, Povo

On 16 April, EIT Digital offers a networking event where entrepreneurs, industry representatives, engineers and researchers discuss challenges, perspectives, existing use cases as well as industry needs and technological solutions in the field of environmental sensing and remote diagnostics to safeguard the health for the youth, the working professional and the elderly by analysing sensor data.

Will also be showcasing some of the success stories and present upcoming EIT Digital 2020 opportunities. Participate and meet your future business partners! The discussions will be inspired by presentations of top experts in the field, who provide you with the latest insight on tech developments and business opportunities. The event is also an opportunity to better understand the benefits of engaging in the strongest Digital Wellbeing ecosystem in EIT Digital.


10:00 | Registration & Arrival Coffee

10:30 | Welcome by Gianluca Cecchetti, CLC Manager, EIT Digital Italy

10:35 | An introduction to the Digital Wellbeing Focus Area and to the EIT Digital 2020 Digital Innovation Factory – Begonya Otal, Digital Wellbeing Innovation Leader, EIT Digital

11:05 | Trentino Salute 4.0 as an Ecosystem for Digital Health Innovation – PhD Oscar Mayora Ibarra, Senior Researcher, Health & Wellbeing High Impact Initiative, FBK

11:30 | Sensing users in virtual reality and physical spaces – Prof. Franca Garzotto, Innovative Interactive Interfaces Lab, Department of Electronic, Information and Engineering, Politecnico di Milano

11:55 | The uncanny valley of AI in healthcare – Baher Al Hakim, CEO, Medicus AI

12:20 | Lunch

13:00 | Participants pitches

13:45 | Networking session

14:45 | Wrap-up by EIT Digital Wellbeing Innovation Leader, Begonya Otal

15:00 | End of the Wellbeing Innovation Workshop

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