UniChapecò’s Rector and industrial delegation from Brasil visiting FBK

Dates: Monday, 21 November, 2016 (All day) Location: Fondazione Bruno Kessler Morning: location FBK room 102

09:30 Welcome from General Secretary of FBK and Directors of ICT and CMM

09:40 Information Technology Center FBK-ICT presentation, Director Dr. Traverso

10:00 Material and Microsystem Center FBK CMM presentation, Dr. M. Zen

10:20 coffee break in aula 102

10:45 technical presentation:

10.45 Symphony project (detection of milk toxin) presentation (Dr. A. Adami)

11:15 Smart Community project (or similar ICT projects) presentation (Dr. G. Zacco)

11:45 Phase change material applications presentation (Dr. Massimo Bersani)

12.30 Lunch time, restaurant FBK

Afternoon: location FBK room 102

14.30 EIT Digital Italian node description. EIT digital Enterpenuship program (Dr. Gianmario Maggio)

15.15 Reply (HII street smart retail, supported by EIT digital), Dr. Sandro Battisti

15.45 Tecnopuc, Porto Alegre, Dr. Eduardo Giuliani, Director (experience of 6 months as visiting prof. at FBK)

16.15 Experience in FBK, Dr. Marivonne Gusatti (UFSC), Post Doc student of Santa Catarina University, Florinopolis)

16:30 Experience in FBK, Dr. Daniel Aragau) PhD student of Santa Catarina University, Florinopolis)

16.45 coffee break in aula 102

Event schedule

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