Confindustria Vicenza’s visit to FBK

60 students of "ITIS Rossi, Vicenza" (winners of the SCRUM Project) on a visit to FBK accompanied by Isabella Tosatto, resp. Education Area of Confindustria Vicenza

Programme of the visit

10.00 – 11.00
@Stringa Room
A brief introduction of FBK by Diego Giuliani (FBK – Knowledge Transfer Area)
FBK Junior Program by Claudia Dolci (FBK – Research and Innovation for the School)
Micro and nanotechnologies @FBK by Pierluigi Bellutti (FBK – Micro Nano Facility)

11.00 – 12.00
Guided tours of the Clean Room and the Foundation’s material characterization laboratories by Giancarlo Pepponi, Rossana Dell’Anna, Michele Crivellari, Maurizio Boscardin and Lorenza Ferrario (FBK – Micro Nano Facility)

Event schedule

Sala “Luigi Stringa”, FBK Povo, Via Sommarive, 18, Povo
10:00 — 12:00

Sala “Luigi Stringa”, FBK Povo

Via Sommarive, 18, Povo