The Human Resources Strategy for Researchers

In October 2016, Fondazione Bruno Kessler joined the initiative called The Human Resources Strategy for Researchers (HRS4R) launched by the European Commission to obtain the European certification for excellence in human resources services.

By joining this program, FBK undertakes to implement a human resources strategy that will:

  • Promote the professional development of researchers throughout their careers
  • Recognize the value of geographical and interdisciplinary mobility as a strategic asset to strengthen scientific knowledge and enhance the professional development of researchers
  • Encourage researchers to pursue the goals set out in the Charter, implementing them during the course of their profession

Following the  Survey administered to the Research Community and IRVAPP Research Centre analysis of the responses, we identified a Gap Analysis on the basis of which Fondazione Bruno Kessler defined the HRS4R Action Plan for 2018-19 (Step 2).

In particular, the improvement actions will focus on accountability, dissemination, evaluation / appraisal systems, career development, access to career advice, namely the five areas that have received a lower agreement from the internal survey.

The initiative stems from the desire to institutionally implement the  European Charter of Researchers and the Code of Conduct, the corpus of principles and rules in favor of all researchers at every stage of their careers (recruitment, working conditions and social security, professional and ethical elements, training). More specifically:

  • Freedom of scientific research
  • Observance of ethical principles
  • Professional and financial accountability
  • Effort to disseminate and enhance achieved results
  • Commitment to continuous professional growth
  • Recognition of the profession of all researchers
  • Prohibition of all kinds of discrimination
  • The guarantee of a stimulating research environment, flexible working conditions, stability and continuity of employment, fair and attractive funding and wages

On October 4, 2018, the Foundation obtained the Human Resources Strategy for Researchers award, a certification for the excellence of human resources services, rewarding its commitment and policies in favor of its staff as well as the positive and favorable environment for researchers, with fair and transparent recruitment and evaluation processes and professional development and growth paths (read our FBK Magazine article).

At the end of the first two years, an Interim Assessment Report was submitted in November 2020 and the Action Plan was integrated with new activities for the 2021-2023 three-year period. The Assessment Report and the Action Plan received positive feedback from European Commission .

The final review is scheduled in February 2024; in the meantime, the Human Resources Department will continue monitoring the initiatives included in the Action Plan and adding new ones according to the Governance plans.

 HR4S process



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