Master in General Medicine

Level 2 Master "New skills for general medicine. Addressing complexity and technological-organizational changes"

The University of Trento and Fondazione Bruno Kessler have opened a selection for the formation of a ranking for admission to the Master in “New skills for general medicine. Addressing complexity and technological-organizational changes ” for academic year 2017/2018. The level 2 University Master, 1st edition, has been launched by the School of Law, the Interdepartmental Center for Integrative Biology (CIBIO) and the Departments of Sociology and Social Research, of Psychology and Cognitive Sciences, and of Economics and Management. The Master program has been designed and will be carried out jointly with Fondazione Bruno Kessler according to the specific Application Agreement and in synergy with the Medical Association of the province of Trento, the specific training school in General Medicine and the Trento Province Healthcare System.