Granting of non-financial sponsorship and use of the FBK trademark

Fondazione Bruno Kessler grants non-financial support for initiatives of significant institutional interest organized by external entities

Non-profit organizations, associations, committees and non-profit foundations, other public and/or private entities promoting cultural activities may request sponsorship for the organization of activities consistent with FBK’s statutory purposes and mission, by filling out the form below.
The request form will be submitted to the Foundation’s Communication & External Relations Please do not forget to include – in addition to the promoter’s information – a brief description of the initiative.

Non-financial sponsorship with authorization to use the trademark is granted in the following cases only:

  • Direct involvement of an FBK research organizational structure in the initiative organized by the external entity
  • Direct participation of institutional figures in the initiative organized by the external entity

When the request for non-financial sponsorship is approved, the external entity is allowed to use the words “under the patronage of Fondazione Bruno Kessler” and the FBK trademark, limited to communication tools implemented as part of the sponsored initiative.
Sponsorship does not entitle to grants or organizational, technical or logistical support actions.


Use of the FBK trademark

The use of the FBK trademark may also be granted:

  • For the promotion of projects organized in conjunction with external entities, including private ones
  • For the participation in partnerships and for their communication purposes
  • For commercial supplies, in the case of best practices applied to FBK, except in the case of promotional activities of products and upon prior verification of the editorial content of the drafts

Please fill out the form below which will be sent to the Foundation’s Communication & External Relations.

The authorization to use the FBK trademark entails compliance with the rules contained in the Manual for trademark use .


Please fill out the application form

Pursuant to art. 13 of EU Regulation No. 2016/679 (GDPR), the personal data collected shall be processed to complete the granting of non-financial sponsorship and use of the FBK trademark procedure. Personal data undergoing processing will be managed through manual, electronic and informatic means and will be guaranteed within privacy and security standards. The person concerned has right to obtain access, rectification, erasure (right to be forgotten) of personal data, restriction of processing, objection to the processing due to legitimate reasons, data portability, and to advance a dispute to the Supervisory Authority (Privacy Authority) in compliance with Chapter III of GDPR. The full privacy policy can be consulted on this page.




La citazione del patrocinio e l’uso del marchio è consentito esclusivamente nell’ambito delle attività di comunicazione dell’iniziativa patrocinata.