Unequal health care Festival of Economics Trento 2017

Festival Economia
FBK will participate in two events part of the 2017 Festival of Economics: Paolo Traverso, director of the ICT Center, and Stefano Merler, Head of FBK's DPCS Research Unit, will be giving talks.

Event schedule

Ex Convento Agostiniani Sede CFSI, Vicolo San Marco, 1, Trento
(NOT ALL) VACCINES ARE SEXY. INEQUALITIES BETWEEN THE GLOBAL NORTH AND THE GLOBAL SOUTH by Medici con l'Africa Cuamm and Fondazione Bruno Kessler speakers SARA FERRARI, STEFANO MERLER, GIOVANNI PUTOTO, GIANCARLO STURLONI. 90% of investements in medical research benefits 10% of the population. Neglected diseases and pending vaccines, while others are developed in extremely short times: a matter of science or a matter of appeal? A map of inequalities at different levels, from medical research to the use of drugs.

Ex Convento Agostiniani Sede CFSI

Vicolo San Marco, 1, Trento

Palazzo della Provincia, Piazza Dante, 15, Trento
SANITÀ E NUOVE TECNOLOGIE by “lavoce.info”with FRANCESCA DEMICHELIS, LUCIANO RAVERA, LUIGI TAVAZZI, ALBERTO TOZZI, PAOLO TRAVERSO introduction by ROSANNA TARRICONE coordinator ROBERTO SATOLLI. The revolution 4.0 does not save the health and the industry of medicine. Indeed, as a high-tech activity, healthcare is becoming one of the driving forces for applications that bring together computing, sensory, artificial intelligence, telecommunications and big data, creating a new way of being a doctor, being sick, to do research and to arrange the assistance.

Palazzo della Provincia

Piazza Dante, 15, Trento

The Trento Festival of Economics, in its twelfth edition this year, will be held in Trento June 1 to 4, 2017. Nobel prize laureates, ministers, and experts from all over the world will discuss and exchange views, together with the public of the Festival, on “Unequal health care”.

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