The Art of Migrating

Uccelli migratori al tramondo
Within the action week against racism “L’arte di Migrare”, FBK-ISR organizes a interactive made by texts, images, video whose aim is to fight against prejudices, stereotypes towards new and old immigrated people and refugees among the events of the week Seminars, Films, Workshops with students an a performance of “ Women united against Islamophobia”

Event schedule

20/03 — 26/03
Riva del Garda (TN), Riva del Garda TN, Italia
20/03/2017 — 26/03/2017

Riva del Garda (TN)

Riva del Garda TN, Italia

“L’arte di Migrare” is organized by the City of Riva del Garda in collaboration with CFSI, Cooperativa Arcobaleno and supported by UNAR.