The Pleasure of AI Research

An event intended to celebrate 30 years of research (between IRST first and FBK later) in artificial intelligence, bringing together the who's who of international research: we will be starting from Wolfgang Wahlster and Barbara Gross, and include great Italian scholars such as Cristiano Castelfranchi and Rino Falcon. A rare opportunity that will bring to Trento a national and international discussion on the progress made in AI and its various applications, from technology to finance.

Event schedule

09/04 — 10/04
No location
09/04/2018 — 10/04/2018

With outstanding speakers such as Barbara Gross, Wolfgang Wahlster, Ronald Brackman, Martin Golumbic, Luigia Carlucci Aiello, Cristiano Castelfranchi, Rino Falcone, Marco Gori and many others.

It will also be an opportunity for a greeting and public acknowledgement that the AI ​​community will dedicate to Oliviero Stock, former IRST director and internationally renowned scholar, among the pioneers of artificial intelligence in Italy.