Participation, rights and digital humanism

Maurizio Napolitano (FBK) to moderate the meeting with Francesca Bria, guest of the Oriente Occidente Festival

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MART, Rovereto, Corso Bettini, 43, Rovereto

MART, Rovereto

Corso Bettini, 43, Rovereto

FBK researcher Maurizio Napolitano will moderate the meeting with Francesca Bria entitled “Participation, rights and digital humanism” at the Oriente Occidente Festival to be held in Rovereto September 3-12, 2021

The “Web” is an extraordinary means of sharing knowledge, but it can generate new monopolies of power. In an age where much of our lives have moved online, a new challenge emerges: how to balance technology with democracy.

There is a way to do this: Big Democracy, made up of responsible participation of citizens and technology serving society’s purposes. A discussion on digital rights and data as public goods to remind us that technology can help us solve real problems only if it serves people’s purposes and addresses today’s big challenges, primarily climate change and social justice.

Francesca Bria is President of the CDP Venture Capital SGR-National Innovation Fund.Former councilor for digitization and innovation for the city of Barcelona in Spain, she is Senior Consultant on smart cities for the United Nations. Senior Adviser on technology, innovation and digital policy for the European Commission and member of the High-level Expert Group on the Economic and Social Impact of Innovation of the Commission (ESIR), Bria is also founder of the DECODE project, a six-country consortium working on data sovereignty solutions in Europe as well as Honorary Professor at the Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose of the Global University College (UCL) in London.

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