ISR | Exiting Violence: the Role of Religion. From Texts to Theories

What is the role of sacred texts and related theories in shaping political frames more incline to tolerance and pluralism or on the contrary to radicalism and violence? What is the resulting role of religion in violent conflicts?

Event schedule

10/10 — 12/10
Aula Grande – FBK-Trento, FBK-Trento
10/10/2017 — 12/10/2017

Aula Grande – FBK-Trento


The international conference Exiting Violence: The Role of Religion. From Texts to Theories promoted by the Centro per le Scienze Religiose (ISR) of the Fondazione Bruno Kessler in collaboration with Reset Dialogues on Civilizations and the Berkley Center for Religion, Peace, and World Affairs at Georgetown University will be held in Trento from October 10 to 12, 2017.

The focal point of the conference (held in English) will be the role of sacred texts in the formation of theories that influence violence. We will investigate the relationship between religion and violence not only in the religious sphere but also in national and international politics starting from the hermeneutics of sacred texts.

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