Innovation and internationalization: growth drivers for SMEs

The global market today makes innovative processes dictated by Research and Development increasingly critical. The success of an innovative company is given by its strength to promote new solutions and by the presence, in the local area, of important research institutions that are able to apply the results of R&D to create marketable products on a large scale.

Event schedule

Sala “Luigi Stringa” – FBK, Via Sommarive, 18, Povo

Sala “Luigi Stringa” – FBK

Via Sommarive, 18, Povo

Innovation and internationalization – these are the topics we intend to discuss during the exclusive meeting in Trento with a number of selected experts and entrepreneurs from the Trentino area and with the participation of experts from Switzerland i the innovation field, as well as representatives for economic pro motion of some of the 26 Swiss Cantons.


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