FBK-ISIG | The Global Revolution: International Communism at the End of the First World War – Seminar

The seminar, which is part of a series of meetings on contemporary history, aims to illustrate and discuss the development of international communism in the years between the two wars

Event schedule

Aula Piccola – FBK-Trento, FBK-Trento
16:00 — 19:00

Aula Piccola – FBK-Trento


The Bolshevik revolutionary project has a basically Eurocentric character, but the impact of the Russian Revolution soon takes on a global dimension. In the context of mass politics and in the crisis of the liberal world order, the communist movement constitutes a transnational political network linked to the existence of the Soviet State and to the idea of an “alternative modernity”.

Scientific Coordinator: Giovanni Bernardini | Cà Foscari – Venice and FBK-ISIG
Speaker: Silvio Pons | University of Rome “Tor Vergata”

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