Don’t let Google know I’m lonely!

Seminar by Prof. Douglas Leith, School of Computer Science and Statistics, Trinity College Dublin

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CREATE-NET FBK Casette, Via alla Cascata 56/D, Povo di Trento


Via alla Cascata 56/D, Povo di Trento

From buying books to finding the perfect partner, we share our wants and needs with our favourite online systems. But how far should we accept promises of privacy in the face of personal profiling? In particular we ask how can we improve detection of sensitive topic profiling by online search systems? We propose a definition of privacy disclosure we call {epsilon}-indistinguishability from which we construct scalable, practical tools to assess an adversaries learning potential. We demonstrate our results using openly available resources, detecting a learning rate in excess of 98% for a range of sensitive topics during our experiments.  Using these detection tools we also evaluate a range of possible approaches for disrupting learning.

SpeakerDouglas Leith


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