ARRIVALS. People, groups, populations towards the Trentino territory from Prehistory to the 20th century

Cultural initiative by "Trentini Studies Society of Historical Sciences"

Event schedule

18/06 — 20/06
Aula Grande, FBK Sede, FBK-Trento
18/06/2018 — 20/06/2018

Aula Grande, FBK Sede


From Monday 18 to Wednesday 20 June 2018 (every day from 4pm to 7.30pm) at the FBK headquarters via Santa Croce 77 in Trento, the conference is organized by the “Società di Studi Trentini di Scienze Storiche” in collaboration with the Presidency of the Council of the Autonomous Province of Trento.

3 afternoons, 33 lectures, 3 evening refreshments to get to know the new arrivals in the Trentino territory from Prehistory to the 20th century


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