Poplar Cult 2018

On the occasion of Poplar Festival 2018, Poplar Cult offers the city a series of conferences and workshops on topics ranging from science to the humanities

Parco delle Albere, Trento

Parco Fratelli Michelin

Poplar is the festival of the university students of Trento, but not only. It is a project, an idea, a way of perceiving the city. Poplar wants to offer culture and fun, trying to show that university students can give much to the city.

Poplar Cult is part of the second edition of the Poplar Festival, a social event that combines music and culture. The event, hosted at the Fratelli Michelin Park, is the result of an encounter between the association and university communities and takes the form of a series of lectures and workshops of varied inspiration ranging from scientific topics to the opposite humanities field, adapting the different contents to the heterogeneous groups of audiences.

The aim is to contribute to the Poplar Festival’s musical entertainment event, ensuring a quality and heterogeneous cultural program, with current contents, aiming at offering special features and keeping it up through different and innovative formats that better suit the different generational groups. The context of the Festival itself also ensures a plan of strong contamination and synergy between the proposing organizations and also among the many other associations that to a lower extent wish to contribute to the success of the event, trying to create a network of knowledge and mutual contributions that will last well beyond the duration of the event.

Find out more at the Festival’s website.

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