Siamo Europa 2018

FBK participates with the UPRIGHT European project aimed at strengthening the mental resilience of young people

Piazza Santa Maria Maggiore, Trento

Piazza Santa Maria Maggiore, Trento

The UPRIGHT European project  – coordinated by Silvia Gabrielli, e-Health Unit  – aims to teach resilience to students in schools. Therefore, UPRIGHT (Universal Preventive Resilience Intervention Globally Implemented in school to improve and promote mental health for teenagers) intends to prevent disorders in young people by improving their mental resilience, using a holistic approach aimed at creating a culture of mental wellbeing in schools.

The pilot study will involve middle school teenagers, their families, and teachers and educators of 8 schools in Trentino as well as 4 other European countries (Spain, Denmark, Poland, Iceland). During the project, the intervention on resilience will be evaluated through a randomized study on approximately 1200 students from Trentino in two different batches, with their teachers (at least 30 teachers) and parents (at least 1200 parents). The results of the study will allow us to inform future policies for the promotion of mental health in young people at regional, national and European level.

Institutes involved:
Aldeno-Mattarello School System – Alta Vallagarina School System – Cavalese School System – Centro Valsugana School System – Civezzano School System – Levico Terme School System – Rovereto Nord School System – Rovereto Sud School System

FBK – Silvia Gabrielli (Project Manager); PAT – Monica Zambotti (Knowledge Dep. Diego Conforti (Health and Social Solidarity Dept)

UPRIGHT project booth


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