From high school to university: the results of a social innovation project

ACHAB | 2014-2017 Programs: Impact Assessment Results |Final conference

Palazzo Giustiniani, Roma

Via della Dogana Vecchia 29, Roma

9.30 am | Welcome coffee and registration

10.00 am | Institutional greetings

10.30 am

  • Evaluating Innovation with Strict Methods: the Achab-Percorsi case Introduction by Nanni Tosco, Pious Bureau of the Society of Sao Paulo
  • Continuing university studies: who takes care of them? Fabrizio Manca, Regional School Office for the Piemonte Region
  • The Percorsi Project William Revello, Pious Office of the Society of Sao Paulo
  • The design of the experiment Alberto Martini, ASVAPP
  • The outcomes of the evaluation Enrico Rettore, IRVAPP – Barbara Romano, ASVAPP
  • Possible Achab-Percorsi impact Antonio Schizzerotto, IRVAPP
  • The European Commission’s point of view, Ragnar Horn European Commission – DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion

12.00 pm

  • Roundtable discussion – Foundations and right to study
    Moderator Corrado Zunino, la Repubblica newspaper
    Sabrina Bono Republic, Head of Cabinet, Ministry of Education, University and Research
    Giuseppe Guzzetti, President ACRI
    Daniele Livon, General Director for University and the Right to university education, Ministry of Education, University and Research Francesco Profumo, President of the Society of Sao Paulo and of Fondazione Bruno Kessler
    Carmelo Ursino, President of the National Organization for the Right to Study

1.30 pm | Lunch

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