Un giorno a Scuola

"Un giorno a scuola" is the application to improve communication between parents and teachers in Trentino kindergartens

The application for mobile devices is called “Un giorno a scuola” (One day at school), and was prepared by the Innovation and Computer Science Office and the Children Office of the Autonomous Province of Trento, in collaboration with Fondazione Bruno Kessler, within the framework of the National Operational Program for Research and Competitiveness INF@NZIA DIGI.tales 3.6.

The second year of experimentation, which has involved the kindergarten school of Cogolo di Peio, and this year, for the first time, the school of Povo di Trento has had a positive outcome. The project’s specific goal was to make communication between parents and teachers more effective by multiplying the chances for informal gathering, dialogue and sharing of intentions. In addition, efforts have been made to create “virtual meeting” venues and tools to urge an active involvement of parents.

“The experience – a note from the Province of Trento reads – has been very positive, with parents and teachers satisfied with fast communication and time saving.”

A number of dates have been scheduled for the presentation of the application for family-school communication via the Internet.

  • Tuesday, October 24 for kindergartens: “Casa del Sole” Cles and “Battito d’ali” Livio at the Cles kindergarten, via E. Dallafior, 36 – Cles
  • Wednesday, October 25 for kindergartens in Trento: Madonna Bianca, Piccolo Mondo, Povo, G. Rodari, at FBK Povo’s premises, via Sommarive 18
  • Thursday, October 26 for the Val si Sole kindergartens: Cogolo di Peio, Mezzana, Peio, Pellizzano, Terzolas, at the Assembly Hall of the Valley Community, 4 Novembre 4 – Malè

Time, for all venues: 6.00 pm for teachers and 8.00 pm for parents


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