Research: what spaces for women

A debate on the occasion of the 103rd National Convention of the Italian Physical Society to be held at the University of Trento September 11-15 2017

Sala “Luigi Stringa”, FBK Povo

Via Sommarive 18, Povo

Taking advantage of the presence of many female researchers in Trento and to enhance the specific actions of the University of trento’s gender policies, a satellite event on September 14 will be dealing with a major topic of the Convention, i.e. the presence of women in scientific research. It will be first tackled with a debate titled “Research: what spaces for women” and then by a round table during a plenary session of the Convention dedicated to women in physics curated by the Italian Physical Society, where the personal experiences of the women guests will give a more complete picture of the situation of the female condition in this discipline.

The debate will propose a reflection on women from school to university, seeking to identify the reasons for gender-based choice of different study areas, and to propose strategies aimed at increasing the female presence, especially in difficult access positions and areas. The discussion will include not only an academic standpoint, but also political and sociological points of view to allow for a broader exploration of this topic and try to provide the public with original reflection ideas that may also raise awareness on this topic.

The debate will open at 9.30 am at the Stringa Hall (FBK premises, Povo-Trento) and will end at 11.30 am to allow participation in the Round Table.
The following talks have been scheduled:

Introduction by University of Trento’s President Paolo Collini

Women and science careers: what is the situation in Italy and in Europe? Presentation of statistical data to illustrate the current picture of the situation. Speaker Dr Rossella Bozzon

Why does this gap exist?
Sociological analysis of the causes of gender imbalances within the scientific world: social stereotypes, education and training processes, structural factors and cultural dynamics in scientific organizations. Speakers: Prof. Francesca Sartori, prof. Paolo Dalvit

Women and science careers: what is the response of institutions?
Issue management at the political level. Speakers: Province Government Councillor Sara Ferrari, Member of Parliament Manuela Ghizzoni

What could be done to bridge the gap?
What has been done so far at European level and the proposals of the University of Trento. Speaker University of Trento’s Vice-President Barbara Poggio

What strategies should be adopted to spread the proposed changes to a wider audience?
Discussing possible communication channels for the dissemination of the issues faced and the solutions proposed to a wider audience. Speaker: Dr. Fabio Turone


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