NanoInnovation 2017

After the success of NanoInnovation 2016, the promoting committee, namely AIRI Italian Association for Industrial Research and NanoItaly Association, have decided to organize a second edition which will be held in Rome in September

Sapienza Università di Roma – Facoltà di Ingegneria Civile e Industriale

Via Antonio Scarpa 14, Roma

NanoInnovation will take place on September, 26 – 29 in the Renaissance Cloister by Sangallo at the School of Civil and Industrial Engineering, Sapienza University of Rome.

NanoInnovation aims to represent the reference national event for the wide and multidisciplinary community involved in the development of nanotechnologies and in their integration with other enabling technologies (KETs) in all application fields. The event represents an unmissable opportunity of meeting among University, Research and Entrepreneurial systems, providing a discussion platform, where researchers, technologists, managers, entrepreneurs and investors can meet and share experiences, opinions and expectations about the growing role of nanotechnology in the KETs evolution toward a sustainable innovation from a social, environmental and economic point of view.

NanoInnovation 2017 aims to:

• Act as a meeting point among academia, research, industry and business community
• Present the state-of-the-art and trends of applied research in nanotechnology
• Showcase the most important innovations generated by these technologies
• Favor the transfer of know-how among various sectors.
• Promote a Responsible Research Innovation

NanoInnovation will offer to students, PhDs and young researchers an excellent and unique opportunity of updating on the latest developments of nanotechnology, meeting directly the protagonists. Several participation opportunities will be scheduled, ranging from the presentation of the research results on applicative technologies to the organization of technical-scientific sessions, workshops and satellite events, also with the purpose of presenting new instruments or disseminating projects results.

Fondazione Bruno Kessler is a proud co-organizer of the event.

Some of 2016’s exhibitors


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