Final event of SWITCH Project

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Final online event of the SWITCH project

Hydrogen production and the society decarbonization: SWITCH contribution to continuous energy supply and creation of flexible and interconnected energy systems grids.

Hydrogen plays a fundamental role together with renewable sources to support the growth of clean and low carbon energy systems and their spread to have a fully clean energy transition towards a decarbonized society.The SWITCH technology is fully aligned with the European Green Deal principles as it provides a continuous energy supply and builds a flexible and interconnected energy systems grid to support renewable energy sources.The novelty of the SWITCH concept is the continuous supply of on-site hydrogen via electrolysis fed by renewable electricity or from low carbon sources where it generates simultaneously hydrogen, electricity, and heat. In this way, the generation of hydrogen is mostly green, but always secured. The intermittency of renewable energy is accommodated by being able to rapidly switch from the electrolysis operation mode to the fuel cell mode of operating the system. The core of the SWITCH system is a SOFC/SOE unit that allows the switch among the two mentioned operating modes maintaining high efficiency and performance.The SWITCH Consortium is organising this event where stakeholders and participants will receive information on the results achieved in the project, details on the prototype and its impact on the European energy scenario and hydrogen supply chain.


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