Presentation of the book “Lasciatele vivere. Voci sulla violenza contro le donne | Let them live. Voices on violence against women”

The Italian-German Historical Institute invites you to the presentation of the book "Lasciatele vivere. Voci sulla violenza contro le donne" by Valeria Babini (Pendragon publishers, Bologna 2017).

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This book’s objective is to gather many views and many questions to understand and fight one of the most serious and painful scourges of our times: violence against women. It is a question of (in)civility that must be addressed and that in these pages, far from simplifications and spectacularization, is analyzed by authoritative figures of the humanities and scientific culture. Men and women whose stands are, on the whole, a multidisciplinary reflection that aims to involve all of us in the understanding of this tragic social issue and to stimulate us to think.
and to the screening of the Docu-film “Di genere umano” (Gender: human) directed by Germano Maccioni | ASTRA Cinema | Corso Buonarroti 16 | Trento 23 March 2017 | 9.00 am

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Cecilia Nubola | FBK-ISIG

Camilla Tenaglia | FBK-ISIG, Trento


The documentary film, directed by Germano Maccioni, starts from the experience of the seminar on “Violence against women. Issues of gender and human rights”, set up for the second academic year at the University of Bologna. The film opens with a story and an investigation into the drama of gender violence through a plurality of voices and views that reflects the enormous complexity of the issue. The philosophy students are joined by Massimo Recalcati, Gherardo Colombo, Lea Melandri, and includes discussions with operators of anti-violence centers and other figures apparently unrelated the problem.​


The University of Trento – Department of Sociology and Social Research – Center for Interndisciplinary Gender Studies (CSG) – Anti-Violence Center of Trento

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Cecilia Nubola | FBK-ISIG

Camilla Tenaglia | FBK-ISIG, Trento

Language: Italian

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