ICT4G workshops for the EDUCA 2017 School Program

Giving voice to the protagonists of tomorrow by creating opportunities for participation and expression, experimentation and exchange: with this goal, the Organizing Committee of the Festival, in collaboration with several local and national stakeholders, has organized numerous events for children and teenagers; occasions to live among peers, with teachers and instructors, with their parents. As usual, the opening day is dedicated to class groups, this year Friday, April 7.

Palazzo dell’Istruzione – Rovereto

Corso Bettini, 84, 38068 Rovereto

Two of the workshops of the special Schools Program (for kids aged 6 to 11) have been set up by Fondazione Bruno Kessler’s ICT4G Research Unit.
CODE HOUR. Programming for dummies
All students in all schools should have the chance to learn how to program.
With Code Hour they can do it in a fun way, by creating animations and solving simple problems. The initiative, started in the US, allows adults and children with no previous experience to approach programming concepts (sequence, iteration, selection…). Besides fostering interest for one of the most requested professions in the years to come, the workshop proposes a fascinating and rigorous method of reasoning.
Max participation: 2 classes.


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