Microsoft EDU Day 2022 – Augmented

Microsoft's biggest annual event dedicated to the world of School, University, Research and Museums, with the participation of university presidents, teachers, researchers, school principals and experts in the field. This year with a talk by Marco De Rosa, Head of IT Infrastructure Service at Fondazione Bruno Kessler

A day dedicated to exploring and discussing the great opportunities and challenges of this time.

The event is in continuity with the path started in 2020 with the first fully digital version of EDU Day, which told the resilience and responsiveness of the ecosystem in response to the pandemic emergency. Continuing on, last year it was the turn of telling hybrid education where digital elements complement physical ones. This year the focus is on Augmented EDU.

Objective of the study, how to exploit technology to:

  • enhance learning with new teaching methods
  • simplify the acquisition of key skills for tomorrow’s workers
  • allow people to experience the beauties of our artistic heritage in an innovative way
  • increase the possibilities of research thanks to the potential of the cloud

In other words, understand how to support the enhancement of the world of education, museums and research through technology, opening a table for discussion between institutions and companies to ensure the success of the digitization of our country.


9:30 a.m.
– Opening of works

Elvira Carzaniga, Director of Education Division,
MicrosoftItalia Alexa Joyce, Digital Transformation & Skills Director, Microsoft EMEA

Plenary session: “Augmented EDU – Enhancing Education and Culture to digitize the country”

Silvia Candiani, General Manager, Microsoft Italy

Roundtable  – Mind the competence gap. A bridge between school and the labor market

The role of technology in training the most requested skills in the labor market and how to create an ideal bridge between school and the professional future of our students.

Francesco Cupertino, President of the Polytechnic of Bari and member of the Crui Board for Relations with Industry

Marcello Fiori, Head of the Department of Public Service – Prime Minister’s Office

AntonelloGiannelli, President at ANP – National Association of public executives and high professionals of the school

Stefano Stinchi, Director of Public Administration Microsoft Italia

Roundtable – The education of the future is here. Practical tests of innovation for schools and universities

Enhancing environments for teaching and learning methodologies by putting students at the center.

Gianna Barbieri, Director General, Directorate General for the Structural Funds for Education, School Building and the Digital School

Giovanni Biondi, Scientific Director DidactaPiero Salatino,
Delegate for Guidance and Relations with the School System of the University of Naples Federico II, as well as President of MedITech Competence Center I4.0

Roundtable – Museums beyond the walls. Reimagine the role of museums with digital technology

Increase opportunities for the world of cultural heritage: from conversations with visitors to the dissemination of knowledge, beyond the walls of the building itself.

Simonetta Buttò, Director of the Central Institute for the consolidated catalog of Italian

Valeria Arrabito, Secretary General of ICOM Italia

Roundtable – Research everywhere. Mission possible with technology

The new frontiers of the world of Research, enhanced and made possible thanks to the support of technologies such as Cloud computing, Machine Learning, Quantum and Augmented Reality.

Marco De Rosa, Head of the IT Infrastructure Service Fondazione Bruno Kessler

12:30 PM Final Greeting

Elvira Carzaniga, Director, Education Division, Microsoft Italia


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