School on nanotechnologies: processes and applications to sensors and actuators – 3° edition

Held in Rome, on occasion of the Nanoinnovation Conference 2021, the course is dedicated to Master degree and Ph.D students, as well as to scientists working in the wide field of micro- and nano-technology, offering the opportunity to learn about fundamentals on processes, devices fabrication and characterization processes, with attention to both planar and 3D technologies. Chair Lorenza Ferrario, FBK


Facoltà di Ingegneria Civile e Industriale

Besides the lectures dedicated to single technology steps, building blocks of the silicon-based micro- and nano-fabrication technologies, there will be sessions dedicated to devices application areas.

The workshop, held on occasion of the Nanoinnovation Conference 2021, will be completed with a demo and live sessions from different cleanrooms, to practically show some of the fundamental silicon processing steps. The school is organized by It-fab (, the Italian network for Micro and Nano Fabrication research infrastructures.

Co-organized with It-fab, Italian Network for Micro and Nano Fabrication

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